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Our web designs provide your clients a graphically please experience & the right structure to be noticed by search engines

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Optimizing for Google Places gives you a distinct competitive advantage over your competition. Learn More»

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Proper Search Engine Optimization is an on-going effort to keep you ahead of your competition, and not a one-time effort.

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Allows you to calculate ROI on your marketing initiatives as well as providing the ability to review your customer calls.
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wlcm_icon_16Web Design in Kitchener

The old adage "form follows function" is true in most cases. That being said, our Kitchener web design team here at Unwired Web Solutions (UWS) believe "form" (inspired design and creativity) and "function" (ease-of-use and functional needs) are both equally important when producing a top notch website.

To make a web design Kitchener Ontario firm like ours make a memorable impression in an ever-crowded online marketplace, it is essential that your site is a marriage of thoughtful, well-conceived architecture that maximizes user experience and inspired design working together to create an impactful, memorable experience for the user.

Whether it's a redesign of an existing site, development of a brand new site, the addition of needed functionality, or any other web-related need, UWS has the expertise, passion and experience to develop a web site that meets any objectives you might have and need.

Website creation options are plenty, just browse the Internet. Most web design companies or website designers are not “Jack of all trades”. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions like – “what do you think your strengths and weaknesses are?” Some are better at the graphic design; some are better at coding/programming and some are better at SEO (search engine optimization).

One thing you can bank with UWS is that we will not baffle you with unnecessary technical jargon, but at the same time provide we will give you the needed information for business decisions. The web design Kitchener clientele at UWS will harness this powerful and exciting media. When used correctly and realistically, it can achieve some pleasing, even staggering results.

As a Kitchener web design agency in Kitchener Ontario, we will come and meet with you at your convenience to discuss the needs of your web site. We can come out to your place of business and speak to you about what you are looking for your website.